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In just a few seconds, you can make life easier for yourself and for everyone who visits your Web site.  You can use either of our domains:


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in combination with any name or word you like and redirect it to your current URL.   It's like a free signpost to you on the information highway!



  • Eliminate lost visits due to typing mistakes
  • Focus attention on your site's content
  • No need to move or rename any of your files
  • Keep the same URL for life:  increase confidence in your site's quality and stability


  1. Keep your old URL, but announce the new URL:  Put your new URL somewhere on your site's homepage.  This advertises your new, easy-to-remember URL to your site's visitors, making it easier for them to return.
  2. Only one redirection will be provided per email address.  We actively discourage "stockpiling" of names.
  3. Only one redirection will be provided per site.  We will not provide redirection to multiple pages of the same site.
  4. Please don't spam your URL.
  5. We do not provide Web hosting services or disk space.
  6. This is a free service.  No warranty of any kind, express or implied, is provided with this service.
  7. Allow 24 hours for activation.

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